About Us
From 1883 to today
The Early Days
Our history dates back to 1883, when we were the Skegness Steam Laundry providing a service to the hotels and boarding houses which were rapidly being built in the area. In 1929, Cedric Fry purchased the Skegness Steam Laundry, and gave it new purpose, so that within a decade, it became the largest laundry in Lincolnshire.
During the late 1960s/1970s, the Company (now named Fenland Laundries) became specialist suppliers of clean garments to the food processing and manufacturing industries.  
In 1981 Fenland designed and patented a laundry decontamination system for garments which were to be worn in class 10 (ISO 4) and class 100 (ISO 5) cleanrooms and created the company’s first cleanroom laundry in Skegness under the Micronclean brand that Fenland is synonymous with today.
In 1989 Fenland’s high capacity barrier plant was built at Grantham, and became the first laundry in the UK to physically separate soiled work wear from clean work wear.
In 1997 Micronclean opened a new ISO 4 (GMP Grade B) cleanroom laundry at its Skegness site. This state of the art facility uses reverse osmosis water throughout the wash process, tracks all garments with Micronclean’s bespoke Protrack software, and allows parametric batch release via a sophisticated SCADA system. Processing 60,000 garments a week, the facility remains the UK’s largest class 4 cleanroom laundry.
Processing 60,000 garments a week, the facility remains the UK’s largest class 4 cleanroom laundry.
In 2003 an ultra-modern laundry was opened in Louth, validated to ISO 6 and with a design capacity of 120,000 garments per week. This facility remains the most technically advanced class 6 laundry in Europe.
During 2007, Micronclean became registered to ISO 13485, the medical device standard, and launched a range of sterile medical devices.
In 2011 the company opened an ISO 5 cleanroom in Skegness, to manufacture a range of consumable products used in cleanrooms and was specifically designed for the safe cleanroom dosing of alcohol into cleanroom trigger sprays and impregnated wipes.
In 2013, Micronclean acquired Guardline Technology to expand its cleanroom consumable range. This business is now operated out of a 2000 pallet space warehouse holding around £2m of stock.
In 2015 Micronclean obtained ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard. Not content to do the minimum to comply with the new ESOS regulations, Micronclean embraced 500001 to demonstrate its continuing commitment to the environment and to formalise its existing energy reduction initiatives.
For 133 years quality, reliability and innovation have driven the business. Today, with over 350 employees, Micronclean is the largest supplier of cleanroom laundry and contamination control products in the UK, but our dedication to our customers and a relentless focus on quality, remain squarely at the core of our business.
It is said that "innovation drives business", but as the only laundry in the UK to have dedicated R&D facilities and personnel, Micronclean pays more than lip service to this adage placing innovation at the core of its future. The in-house team have released a stream of cutting-edge products, and 2016 will see Micronclean launch a reusable sterile goggle service and a disposable cleanroom mop, adding further strength to our portfolio.