Supporting Consumables
Irradiation Indicators
Gammatex irradiation sterilisation indicators are Class 1 process indicators, manufactured in compliance with ISO 11140-1:2005 "Sterilisation of health care products - Chemical indicators". Gammatex gamma sterilisation indicators undergo a simple yellow to red colour change when exposed to gamma radiation.
They are used in the industry as qualitative process indicators for the gamma irradiation sterilisation process. Processed labels can also be retained as part of a quality control validation record.
Cleanroom Packaging & Tape
Micronclean provide Ultraclean™ polythene, Ultraclean™ clear high barrier packaging and a wide range of high barrier foil packaging that has one purpose only. It is designed to protect and preserve its contents from the surrounding environment without compromising cleanliness and purity. Full range of sizes upon request.
Micronclean offer a range of tapes for use in cleanrooms. From vinyl construction tape for temporary partitioning and sealing, to wafer shipping tape and specialist tapes for the semiconductor and healthcare industries, they are available in varied colours and sizes. Clean packed.
Isolator Cleaning Tool
A quick and efficient tool for the cleaning of compounding isolators, biological safety cabinets, laminar flow hoods, pass boxes, transfer hatches, air showers and other mini-environments. The Micronclean isolator cleaning tool is made from durable 304 stainless steel and has a 360 degree swivel head. Handle made from smooth aluminium.
Isolator Cleaning Bonnet
Made from dual layer continuous filament 100% polyester, the Micronclean isolator cleaning bonnet is designed to be easily applied to the isolator cleaning tool and are laundered prior to use. The polyester material ensures a high wiping performance, that is durable and low linting, whilst the dual layer provides absorbency. Sterilised by gamma irradiation. Tested to ASTM-D-629.
Non Sterile Code 
Sterile Code 
Pack Qty 
Case Qty 
ZNPY01012 Gammatex Irradtion indicators12mmISO450001 Roll
TNWH31ZZZ Cleanroom Wafer Shipping Tape 1in White1inISO4124
 ZSPW12ZZZIsolator Cleaning BonnetsUniversalISO4Each20x1
 ZNSS01035Isolator Cleaning Tool - Short Handle35cmISO4Each1
 ZNSS01061Isolator Cleaning Tool - Long Handle61cmISO4Each1