WhiteGuard Wipes
ISO 3 & 4
WhiteGuard 3
High performance 100% knit continuous filament polyester ultra-low lint wiper with thermally sealed edges to trap particulate and contain moisture. Widely used in semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace & medical device industries. Options: laser sealed edges / ultrasonically sealed borders.
WhiteGuard 5
Microdenier wipes constructed from continuous filament blended nylon and polyester with ultrasonic sealed edges. High yarn-to-dust contact surface area plus wedge-shaped cross section ensure excellent wiping efficiency. Used in lens and screen manufacture.
Dual Layer WhiteGuard 11
Cleanroom laundered, two-ply quilted, 100% continuous-filament polyester knitted in a double-knit interlock pattern. Two-ply construction offers high absorbency capacity with ultrasonic sealed border edges to prevent particle and fibre release. High grade spill control.
Non Sterile Code 
Sterile Code 
Pack Qty 
Case Qty 
Non Sterile Price 
Sterile Price 
WNTG05012 WhiteGuard 3 Wipes 12x12in (300x300mm)12x12inISO415010x150156.06 
 WSTG03012WhiteGuard 3 Wipes 12x12in (300x300mm)12x12inISO35010x50 148.00
WNTG04009 WhiteGuard 3 Wipes 9x9in (228x228mm)9x9inISO310010x100115.10 
WNTG05009 WhiteGuard 3 Wipes 9x9in (228x228mm)9x9inISO415010x150117.00 
WNMD04009 WhiteGuard 5 Wipes 9x9in (228x228mm)9x9inISO310010x100490.00 
 MHPELN50SWhiteGuard 11 Wipes 12x12in (300x300mm)12x12in 504x50 77.00
 WSPW60300WhiteGuard 11 Wipes 12x12in (300x300mm)12x12in 205x20 52.50
Poly-Cellulose, WhiteGuard & GuardWipe
ISO 5 & 6 + Support Areas
WhiteGuard 2
45% polyester to 55% cellulose blend, WhiteGuard has improved absorbency, with low linting properties. Available in a variety of sizes and pack formats, WhiteGuard is a multipurpose wipe for ISO6+ clean areas.
Industrial Wipes
WhiteGuard 6
Aggressive melded nylon wiper with a diamond textured surface to provide good abrasion. Ideal for machine cleaning, de-greasing and spill control in clean industrial areas.
Poly-Cellulose Wiper Roll
WhiteGuard 7
Highly absorbent, low-linting poly-cellulose wiper roll with perforated edges. Ideal for support areas where particulate control is necessary, especially where a high volume or density of wipes are required. Well suited to lab applications and low grade cleanroom production facilities. 200 sheets per roll, blue or white.
Poly-Cellulose Wipes
Poly-Cellulose wipes are specifically designed to deliver a combination of cleanliness and absorbency; achieved by the low linting characteristics of polyester coupled with the high liquid retention rates from the properties of cellulose.
WhiteGuard 8 (formerly Pharmawipes)
Designed for tightly controlled applications focussing on cleanliness and particulate control within ISO5 pharmaceutical manufacturing or compounding environments.
Non Sterile Code 
Sterile Code 
Pack Qty 
Case Qty 
Non Sterile Price 
Sterile Price 
WNWG04012 WhiteGuard 2 12x12in (300x300mm) Flat Packed12x12inISO610020x100182.00 
 WSWG04012WhiteGuard 2 12x12in (300x300mm) Flat Packed12x12inISO610010x100 100.80
WNWG04009WSWG04009WhiteGuard 2 9x9in (228x228mm) Flat Packed9x9inISO610010x10051.6660.48
WNWG06009 WhiteGuard 2 9x9in (228x228mm) Flat Packed9x9inISO630016x300181.21 
WNWG04005 WhiteGuard 2 5x4in (127x102mm) Flat Packed5x4inISO610010x100175.00 
WNMN04012 WhiteGuard 6 12x12in (300x300mm)12x12inISO710010x100179.50 
WNMN04008 WhiteGuard 6 10x8in (254x203mm)10x8inISO710010x100118.80 
WNPW81010 WhiteGuard 7 Roll White 200 sheets per roll10x15inISO612x1 Roll75.06 
WNPB81010 WhiteGuard 7 Roll Blue 200 sheets per roll10x15inISO612x1 Roll75.06 
WNCS93012WSCS93012WhiteGuard 8 12x12in (300x300mm) Flat Packed12x12inISO525x417x25x4171.72200.38
 WSVW12012WhiteGuard 8 12x12in (300x300mm) C-12x12inISO510x1014x10x10 203.04
WNCS93009WSCS93009WhiteGuard 8 9x9in (228x228mm) Flat Packed9x9inISO53008x300145.00100.17
 WSVW11009WhiteGuard 8 9x9in (228x228mm) C-Folded9x9inISO510x10027x10x100 286.42