Entry Mats
Controlling Foot Borne and Wheel Borne Contamination
GuardTack Disposable Peel off Mats
GuardTack Mats are the ideal way to control footborne or wheel borne contamination in areas of transfer from lower grade to higher grade areas and environments. Manufactured from a low density Polyethylene, 30 sheets per mat, with a pressure sensitive adhesive that contains a spore growth retardant to ensure there can be no bacterial growth on the mat. Available in low Tack (4 mats per case) or medium Tack (8 mats per case), in White, blue or grey with numbered tabs to denote remaining sheets.
GuardTack Permanent Matting
GuardTack Mats are a permanent, washable, tack regenerating floor covering designed specifically for the removal of between 98-100% of even the finest foot and wheel borne contamination. Available in any size with a vinyl weld which creates a contamination free seam.
Can be applied as a floor covering or used as a permanent mat (framed on request). No peel off layers meaning no risk of static damage. Just mop, rinse, squeegee and let dry. 100% of the tack is regenerated when cleaned properly.
Multiple applications: Inside/outside cleanroom areas, air showers, gown rooms and entry / hallways.
Pack Qty 
Case Qty 
ANWH08026ANBL08026 GuardTack 1 26x45in Peel off Mat Medium Tack26x45in308
ANWH08018ANBL08018ANGY08018GuardTack 1 18x45in Peel off Mat Medium Tack18x45in308
ANWH08336ANBL08336ANGY08336GuardTack 1 36x36in Peel off Mat Medium Tack36x36in308
ANWH04026ANBL04026ANGY04026GuardTack 2 26x45in Peel off Mat Low Tack26x45in304
ANWH04018ANBL04018ANGY04018GuardTack 2 18x45in Peel off Mat Low Tack18x45in304
ANWH04336ANBL04336ANGY04336GuardTack 2 36x36in Peel off Mat Low Tack36x36in304
ANWH04036ANBL04036 GuardTack 2 36x45in Peel off Mat Low Tack36x45in304
ANWH04122  GuardTack 2 18x22in Peel off Mat Low Tack18x22in304
 ANBL04236 GuardTack 2 24x36in Peel off Mat Low Tack24x36in304