Strong and Durable Disposable Footwear
TuffGuard 2
Blue Polythene Overshoes
The most cost-effective end of the disposable footwear market, Micronclean’s blue polythene overshoes have undergone stringent quality checks to ensure that they are the most durable polythene overshoe available. Available in a 14" or 16" length cover, heavy duty polythene also available.
Tyvek Overshoes & Overboots
Tyvek® overshoes consist of a Tyvek® upper area with a Tyvek® or PVC sole. The benefit of using Tyvek® lies in its breathability properties, and combined with a PVC sole you have a high performance shoe in terms of particle retention and non-slip, combined with a highly comfortable product for the wearer. Additional benefits of Tyvek® product is that they have ESD properties, can be laundered or irradiated and are also antistatic.
TuffGuard 3
TuffGuard PVC Overshoes
TuffGuard PVC overshoes are manufactured from 100 micron gauge PVC, with an extra strength seam. The TuffGuard range of overshoes are the strongest and most durable disposable footwear product on the market. The textured surface of the overshoe give them superior non-slip properties, and the range of size options ensure a shoe cover that fits a wide range of shoe sizes. Available in red or white and also available in a heavy duty 175 micron for more demanding environments.
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SNBL01016TuffGuard 1 Heavyweight Blue Polythene Overshoe16inISO6100010x100
SNBL31014TuffGuard 2 Blue Polythene Overshoes14inISO610020x100
SNBL31016TuffGuard 2 Blue Polythene Overshoes16inISO610020x100
SNWH81006TuffGuard 3 White 100 micron gauge PVC Overshoe6x14inISO55001
SNWH83016TuffGuard 3 White 100 micron gauge PVC Overshoe6x16inISO55001
SNWH82009TuffGuard 3 White 100 micron gauge PVC Overshoe9x14inISO55001
SNWH81016TuffGuard 3 White 100 micron gauge PVC Overshoe9x16inISO55001
SNRE81009TuffGuard 3 Red 100 micron gauge PVC Overshoe9x16inISO55001
SNWH03016TuffGuard 6 Anti-Slip White Overshoe16inISO5100010x100