Disposable Apparel for Clean Environments
SureGuard Type 5 & 6 Category 3
SureGuard disposable apparel is the first defence in protecting your environment from airborne particulate and your operators from the environment. Offering Category III chemical protection this low linting barrier fabric provides customers an economical alternative. SureGuard micro porous fabric is manufactured from polypropylene with a polyethylene laminate, affording high levels of cleanliness with a superior tensile strength. Water vapour transmission rates exceed those of other disposables providing superb comfort and breathability. CE marked to Type 5 & 6, SureGuard provides a cost effective option for disposable apparel without sacrificing quality.
SureGuard Garments
SureGuard is manufactured from two materials bonded together. The first material is a specially designed polypropylene textile that makes the material strong and hard to puncture. The second material is a film that has very small holes in it.
These holes will not permit chemicals to pass through but will permit air and water vapour to pass through; the fabric is therefore breathable and comfortable to wear.
The polyethylene film ensures that the outside of the suit is resistant to most chemicals and will not wet out.
The interior material will transport perspiration away from the wearer making it unique from the other products where moisture pools and drips.
Non Sterile Code 
Sterile Code 
Pack Qty 
Case Qty 
DNWH04SML-XXLDSWH04SML-XXLSureGuard 1 anti-static Hooded CoverallS-XXLISO5125
DNWH10SML-XXL SureGuard 2 anti-static CoatS-XXLISO5125
 DSWH13SML-XLGSureGuard 3 Hooded Coverall with Integral FeetS-XLISO3125
DuPont Tyvek Garments
Tyvek Classic Xpert
The brand-new and enhanced TyvekÆ Classic Xpert provides wearers with greater liquid and particulate protection as well as an innovative design for optimal safety. Drawing on decades of experience in the field, the TyvekÆ Classic Xpert garment now offers enhanced protection against a range of threats, from water-based chemical liquid splashes, asbestos, pharmaceutical and radioactive particulates to biological hazards. Chemical protective clothing - category III, type 5B and 6B. Tyvek Classic Type 5/6 Coverall.
Tyvek Industry
A range of disposable garments and accessories for the cleanroom and lab industries manufactured from Tyvek and clean packed. Including:
Lab & Howie Coats
Over Boots & Shoes
Sleeve Protectors
Washed Tyvek
Laundered and packed within Micronclean’s ISO 14644-1 Class 4 (at rest) cleanroom laundry facility
Decontaminated hooded coveralls meet Class I of standard IEST-RP-CC003.3
Anti-static treatment
Low linting
Zip fastening with no flap
Elasticated cuffing at wrists and ankles
Integrated socks
Non Sterile Code 
Sterile Code 
Pack Qty 
Case Qty 
DNWH07SML-XLG Tyvek Classic Xpert CoverallS-XLISO5Each25
 DSWH08SML-XLGTyvek Classic Xpert CoverallS-XLISO5Each50
 DSWH31MED-XXLWashed Coverall with Integral Feet (Bunny Suit)M-XXLISO5Each20
DNWH09SML-XLG Tyvek Lab Coat with Collar Zip FrontS-XLISO5Each50
GL74940A(10) Tyvek Sleeve ProtectorsUniversalISO5Pair100
GL70382 Tyvek HoodUniversalISO5Each100