Face and Head Coverings
Pleated Face Masks
FaceGuard 1, 2 and 3
FaceGuard pleated 3-Ply ES face masks, cleanroom manufactured and packed. Ultrasonic bonding ensures a cleaner mask by reducing contamination & outgassing. Filter centre layer manufactured from 18 gsm high density melt blown polypropylene. Inner and outer layer made from 17 gsm combined polymer ES.
FaceGuard 1 with ties.
FaceGuard 2 with ear loops.  
FaceGuard 3 with head loop.  
Particle filtration efficiency 97.6% @ 0.1µ
Bacteria filtration efficiency 95.1% @ 3µ  
FaceGuard 4
FaceGuard pouch mask is designed to provide the wearer with additional comfort from an increased internal breathing chamber. Additional particle containment is offered from the extended neck veil. Outer and inner layer made from 20gsm thermal calendared polypropylene, filter layer made from 20gsm melt blown polypropylene.
Particle filtration efficiency 98% @ 0.3µ
Bacteria filtration efficiency 99% @ 3µ
Beard Snoods
Beard snoods are made from soft spun-bond nonwoven fabric. These hygienic snoods have soft elastic ear-loops offering comfortable and effective barrier protection. They are available in white and one size fits all.
Mob Caps
Pleated mob caps made from soft, thermally bonded polypropylene with enclosed, double elastication around the edge. Complete hair covering, one size fits all. Available in white or blue.
Also available
Spunbond polypropylene balaclava style hood for complete head covering.
Non Sterile Code 
Sterile Code 
Pack Qty 
Case Qty 
MNTW01100 FaceGuard 1 Mask with TiesISO55020x50
MNTW01020 FaceGuard 1 Mask with Ties individually packedISO55020x50
 MSTW01020FaceGuard 1 Mask with Ties individually packedISO52015x20
MNEW01100 FaceGuard 2 Mask with Ear LoopsISO510010x100
MNEW01020 FaceGuard 2 Mask with Ear Loops individually packedISO52050x20
 MSEW01020FaceGuard 2 Mask with Ear Loops individually packedISO52025x20
MNHW01100 FaceGuard 3 Mask with Head Loops UniversalISO510010x100
 MSHW01020FaceGuard 3 Mask with Head Loops individuall packedISO52050x20
MNHW01020 FaceGuard 3 Mask with Head Loops individuall packedISO52025x20
MNHW04010 FaceGuard 4 Pouch Facemask with HeadbandISO55010x50
MNWH01ZZZ FaceGuard 5 Beard Snoods - WhiteISO51005x100
HNWH01ZZZ FaceGuard 6 Double Elastic Mob CapISO510010x100
 MSWH52ZZZCR Classic Face Mask with Ties - White sterile 9inISO42010x20
 MSWH51ZZZCR Classic Face Mask with Ties - White sterile 7inISO42010x20