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Micronclean acquires CES
On Thursday 30th June Micronclean Ltd acquired 100% of the share capital of CES for an undisclosed sum. Micronclean Chairman, Simon Fry, stated that "I am delighted that Micronclean and CES have come together. The high integrity and honesty that underpins the CES culture coupled with CES’s extensive knowledge of cleanroom products and customers means that there is a natural synergy between our two businesses. However I also acknowledge that the business models of the two companies are different … Full Article
Fenland Laundries Ltd acquires Micronclean Ltd
Fenland Laundries Ltd is delighted to announce that it now holds 100% of the shareholding in Micronclean Ltd and with it the right to trade as Micronclean across Great Britain. As a consequence of the acquisition, Fenland Laundries Ltd is changing its name to Micronclean Ltd and will trade exclusively under the Micronclean brand for all its business activities Full Article