Pre-saturated Wipes
With a comprehensive range of substrates, disinfectants and formats, Micronclean can meet all of the Cleanroom requirements for pre-saturated wipes
VeriGuard 1 - Polypropylene
Most abrasive, lightweight and cost-effective, available in tub, pouch and silver pack formats.
VeriGuard 2 - Poly-Cellulose
High absorbency from the 55% cellulose, low linting from 45% polyester, strong multifunctional wipe.
VeriGuard 3 - Polyester
Heavy density, thermally sealed edges to trap particulate and retain cleaning solution. High grade fabric.
70% isopropanol alcohol blended with 30% DI or WFI.
70% denatured ethanol blended with 30% DI or WFI.
Rotational biocide.
Rotational biocide with sporicidal action, non-corrosive.
Packaging Formats
Lower grade clean areas, For high volume usage, aggressive and intricate cleaning (especially equipment and parts) and long lasting alcohol retention. Double bagged.
Full range of substrates and alcohols available in pouch format, varied pack sizes, re-sealable adhesive flap.
Non Sterile Code 
Sterile Code 
Pack Qty 
Case Qty 
Non Sterile Price 
Sterile Price 
WNVG05020WSVG05020Veriguard 1: Polypropylene IPA/DI Tub Wipe8x8inISO520012x20042.2459.78
 WSVG07020Veriguard 1: Polypropylene IMS/DI Tub Wipe8x8inISO520012x200 61.78
WNVG04023WSVG04023Veriguard 2: Poly-cellulose IPA/DI Pouch Wipe9x9inISO41008x10082.0097.86
WNVG09023WSVG09023Veriguard 2: Poly-cellulose IMS/DI Pouch Wipe9x9inISO41008x10075.6084.00
WNVG15020 Veriguard 3: Polyester IPA/DI Pouch Wipe8x5inISO43015x3097.20 
 WSAP01009Veriguard 8 Poly-cellulose with Alpha Biocide9x9inISO41510X15 59.64
 WSBT02009Veriguard 8 Poly-cellulose with Beta Biocide/Sporicide9x9inISO41510x15 59.85
 WSCW91009Veriguard 8 Poly-cellulose IMS/WFI9x9inISO41540x15 186.95
 WSCW92009Veriguard 8 Poly-cellulose IPA/WFI9x9inISO41540x15 186.95
 WSCW96ZZZVeriguard 9 Silver Pack Polypropylene Viscose IPA/WFI8x9inISO52008x200 62.85
 WSCW97ZZZVeriguard 9 Silver Pack Polypropylene Viscose IMS/WFI8x9inISO52008x200 58.33