Low Linting Data Logging and Recording Material
GuardMark 3 Paper
GuardMark paper is a 72GSM paper designed for use in cleanrooms and controlled environments. With ultra-low particle and fibre generating properties, low ionic content and excellent IPA resistance, GuardMark is a hard wearing clean paper. Compatible with most inks for writing without smearing and in addition an excellent heat resistant material for laser printing and use in photocopiers. GuardMark is ROHS compliant and can be sterilised by gamma irradiation. Available in white, blue, green and pink.
GuardMark 1 Pens
Anti-static pens with a low ionic ink, clean packaged in 12s and double bagged. Available in black and blue, can be sterilised by gamma irradiation.
Note Books
We offer a range of notebooks in A4 and A5.
Munising LP Paper
Munising LP readily accepts inks and laser printing without smudging. It features high opacity, good heat stability, chemical and moisture resistance and can be photocopied, sterilised or shredded. It also accepts standard printing inks and requires no special procedures for printing other than those needed to keep the paper free from contamination.
Non Sterile Code 
Sterile Code 
Pack Qty 
Case Qty 
ZNBK01012ZSBK01012GuardMark 1 Cleanroom Pens Black ISO41210x12
ZNBL01012ZSBL01012GuardMark 1 Cleanroom Pens Blue ISO41210x12
 ZSBK03010GuardMark 2 Sterile Marker Pens ISO4110
ZNWH04072 GuardMark 3 Cleanroom Paper White 72 GSMA4ISO525010x250
ZNBL04072 GuardMark 3 Cleanroom Paper Blue 72 GSMA4ISO525010x250
ZNPI04072 GuardMark 3 Cleanroom Paper Pink 72 GSMA4ISO525010x250
ZNGR04072 GuardMark 3 Cleanroom Paper Green 72 GSMA4ISO525010x250
ZNYE04072 GuardMark 3 Cleanroom Paper Yellow 72 GSMA4ISO525010x250
ZNWH04225ZSWH04225GuardMark 4 Munising Cleanroom Paper White 22.5lbs A4ISO425010x250
ZNBL04225ZSBL04225GuardMark 4 Munising Cleanroom Paper Blue 22.5lbs A4ISO425010x250
ZNWH04018ZSBL04225GuardMark 4 Munising Cleanroom Paper White 18lbs A4ISO425010x250